Lake Mühlensee & Water-Therapy

From the treehouse in the hotel directly into the lake

Water is our favorite element – it appeals to all our senses: It tastes good, looks beautiful and is pleasing to the touch. We find rippling sounds to be soothing, and when water cools the air, you can even smell it. It provides energy, ensures our survival and lets things grow and flourish. 

The Waizenbachtal's defining characteristic is the creek, gently flowing through the meadows, supplying the Mühlensee and turning the waterwheel. It provides a habitat for many species of fish. 

Real luxury for nature lovers

The banks of the Mühlensee are also great for relaxation. There's a wooden terrace with comfy lounge chairs, beckoning you to linger and enjoy the peaceful plashing and serene flowing movement. After a night's sleep in the trees, you can walk barefoot through the dewy grass and  tread water in the Kneipp basin.

The treehousehotel Seemühle is not just about renting a beautiful treehouse, but also enjoying nature with all your senses. This will make your treehouse-holiday in the center of Germany an unforgettable experience.