Children at the Treehouse Hotel

A place of peace and comfort

For many of us, a treehouse was a childhood dream that couldn't be realized in our own backyards. Whose parents had the space and the means and the will to actually build a little fortress in the branches?

Now that we've made our wishes come true, we're faced with a decision: to build a haven of peace and comfort, or a playground? As grown-ups, we decided on the first option. Therefore, children are only allowed to stay overnight from the age of 8 years. There is no minimum age for the overnight stay in the witch's house.

That's why our hotel doesn't feature any facilities specifically for kids. Please also note that our Treehouses have not been childproofed. Ladders and stairs are everywhere, which could be dangerous for kids, and there is also no space for cribs or other such items. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.